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What is physical intelligence and how can you use it to bust the bully in your child’s life?

  Physical Intelligence is a powerful wisdom.  It is a wealth of knowledge often buried deep within us and our children, and it often remains hidden, unseen and its infinite potential, more often than not, lay dormant and untapped. 

  Everyone has physical intelligence.  It is just that most of us are unaware we have it.  Let alone how to use it to its full potential.

  This commanding power embedded in our physical body has the potential to keep us safe and away from danger, or to move us closer to unsafe, unsavoury and undesirable thoughts, feelings, actions and situations.

  It really is that powerful.

For some reason, most of us were not taught to honour the insight that our physical bodies can reveal to us.

  If only we would choose to listen.

  If only we would choose to learn the strategies, techniques and tools to empower us to stand up ourselves, we would benefit greatly from the insights that our physical bodies can help us to feel, know and understand.

    And, so would our children.

  Our children grow with what they see. I wish that they would see adults using their physical intelligence.  Everyday. 

  Our physical intelligence is always talking to us.  Communicating with us. 

  But are we listening? 

  Are our children listening to their own physical intelligence to keep them safer?

  Do they even know they have physical intelligence?

  It seems that our children are still not being taught to understand what physical intelligence is, how to tap into it and how to use it to keep themselves safer.

  By not teaching our children the wisdom and skills of physical intelligence, we are letting our children down.  Big time. Our education systems, religious systems, political systems and our communities are failing our children.  All our children.  Not just those children experiencing bullying in their lives.

  We are not equipping our children with this intelligence that is super powerful, super strong and that has the potential to change the bullying story across the globe.   The longer we choose not to teach our children about physical intelligence, the longer that bullying in children, in adults and in the systems that are meant to protect our children continues to run rampant, unchecked. And the monster grows daily.

  A huge statement, yet I stand by these words. 

  We need to teach our children the language of physical intelligence.


  The sooner the better, I say.

    And then we can begin to implement the tools, strategies and techniques that will change the story of bullying, forever.

  For the greatest good.  And the good of our children.

  The experience of being bullied creates an environment in our children’s physical body that fosters danger, fear and feelings of “unsafeness.”  An environment which is perfect for our children to unknowingly nurture and grow fear, separateness and a disbelief in their own worth.  We are literally allowing a lack of self-confidence and feelings of hopelessness to fester within our precious children, each and every day we choose not to teach them physical intelligence.

The longer we resist the need to empower our children with the wisdom that is physical intelligence, the longer the feelings that “they deserve to be bullied” and that “bullying is ok”, has the opportunity to overwhelm them.

  Physical Intelligence allows us to understand what is happening in our bodies.   When children understand what is happening physically in their bodies, they can learn to name the feelings, sensations, discomfort and unease their body is expressing when they are being bullied. 

  And then they are pre-warned and pre-armed to make decisions and choices that will remove them from an unsafe or dangerous situation.  Before the bullying cycle beings again.

  Children can then pin-point when these physical signs begin to appear in their physical bodies, and then do something about them before they become overwhelming.  Before they step into the “flight or fight” system that bullied children click into when their bullies “do their stuff.”  When they feel unsafe.

  This is where we need to teach our children the tools to recognise what is happening in their physical body and then empower them with the strategies that will shift them into the place of “knowing when and how to remove themselves from unwanted situations.”  And even to avoid these situations in the first place.

  We need to teach them the keys to staying safe.

  We need to teach them the keys to healing their inner child, so that they can shine their light in the world and make the difference they came her to make.

  It’s powerful stuff.

  Many of our children are so disconnected from their physical body and physical intelligence, that they have no idea what it is or how to use it to keep themselves safer. They are unwittingly growing the opposite of what will keep them safer in their garden of life.

  And we are contributing to it.

  By choosing not to teach them about physical intelligence.

  Without an understanding of physical intelligence, our children simply cannot bust the bullies in their life.  And even if the bully they are currently experiencing magically disappears, they may take this possibility of being bullied in other forms and situations into their adult life.

  So, bullying has to stop.


  With you and me.

Let’s teach our precious children what physical intelligence is and how to use it with integrity and grace, so that they may shine their light brilliantly and unapologetically in the world.  So that they are free to make the difference they came here to make.

  Let’s empower our children to understand what their physical being is communicating to them, so that they quickly know when they are in a situation that is not safe.  So that they can make decisions and take actions that remove them from an inappropriate situation and to get help when they need it.

  Let’s empower them to use their physical intelligence: to:

To speak up.

To stand up.

To ignite their birthright to feel safe, loved and valued.

To feel like they belong.

  Let’s ensure our children know how to keep themselves safer.

  Let’s help our children learn to stand up to their bully from a place of grounded, powerful and empowering thoughts, words and deeds.

  Let’s teach them what physical intelligence is and how to use it for their own good and for the greatest good of all.

With much love and gratitude,

Christine Watts.

The Institute of Compassionate Teaching.


Have a brilliant day.

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