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Friday, 20 March 2020 11:46

The times, they are a changing……

The fires have come, ravaged the earth, left massive destruction in their path, and nearly gone. They have also delivered infinite potential. (Depending on your perspective.)   

     And just as we felt the ray of hope shine more brightly, we are given another challenge, for many, a much greater challenge than the fires posed.

     The fear, anger, sadness, grief and disbelief we all feel about the Corona Virus situation, is far reaching and profoundly significant, in so many ways.

     With the fires, we could see the smoke, the flames and the destruction following the raging fires and we could feel the fires in every cell of our being.  We had constant fire updates on apps, and face-book.  The whole world felt it.   It was relentless.  To say the least.

     The response from the world was simply amazing.  From where we sit, the fires have brought the world closer together.  The support and love that was sent from far and wide, we felt deeply and are eternally grateful.

     With the Corona Virus, we know it is here, because we are told, in every form of the media, relentlessly.  Just to keep us informed, updated and at the ready for the next update.  We hear stories, tales and myths from every corner of the globe about what is happening, how quickly it is moving throughout the world and how it will soon be our own next-door neighbour. And there is very little to “see.”  The sleeping giant, so to speak.

     This latest challenge is also relentless, but in a different way.

     A very different and very insidious form of challenge.

     It threatens us by separation, isolation and individuation.

     Every person for themselves.

     Look after your own.

     Protect your loved ones.

     Many of us are in what is called “the fight or flight mode.”  And for those of us in the thick of the recent fires, we are still in “the fight or flight mode.”

     And as I see it, we all have a choice.

     We all have a choice as to whether we react or respond to this latest challenge. 

     It would be so easy to buy into the extreme fear, anger, grief and sadness of the current situation.  To tap into the collective field of powerlessness and overwhelm. In some ways, it feels that it what we are meant to do.  Follow the crowd and get so very scared and powerless that we can rely on someone else to fix this.  That we can put our hands in the air and say, “there is nothing I can do about this.”

     The governments of the world are doing the best they know how.

     The governments of the world are working through this current challenge one day at a time, as it unfolds.

     For me, I am grateful that the powers that be are doing something, at least to mitigate the pending spread of the virus. And I am also going to take responsibility for my own health, my family and those around me.  I refuse to be powerless.

     And for me, experiencing the fires recently, I have felt a growing resilience and strength that gives me the inner knowing that “this too shall pass.”

     I also know that the power that lies within each one of us to continue to make our own difference in the world is still there.  This power is infinite, strong and feels fantastic.

     When we remember to tap into it, that is.

     Recently, we attended Gabby Bernstein’s workshop in Sydney. Such an amazing woman.  Spending the day with Gabby and an amazing group of 2,000 people, reminded us that we too have the power.  Both individually and especially collectively.   As a group of 2,000 people, we visualised and prayed for rain to put out the fires.  The tears flowed, and the love spread graciously out in the world.

     And, when we left the auditorium, it was raining!!!

     We found ourselves thinking, that’s great, but we need rain on the fires, and significant rains to put them out over a vast area.

     Within 10 days, our prayers had been answered.  We had rain, beautiful, life giving rain to wash away the blackness and sadness of the fires.  (Some areas had flooding as a result, which has caused its own challenges.)

     Our greatest lesson?  Together we are stronger and more resilient than we are alone.

     “Together we are stronger and more resilient.”

     I recently attended and presented my work at The Seven Sisters festival at Mount Martha.  Yes, right in the middle of the Corona Virus changes that the government created.  It was a wonderful experience to be together in such a powerful group of women who choose to be proactive and empowered in the face of our latest collective challenge.  We could have been fearful, grief stricken and scared, which there was no doubt some of that.  Collectively we chose to unite and send out a powerful message that “Together we are stronger and more resilient.”

     I leave you with this powerful statement to ponder.

     “Together we are stronger and more resilient.”

     How are you going to continue to connect, become stronger and more resilient in these challenging and changing times?

     Let’s connect, and together create a world of connection, strength and empowerment, even when the chips are down.

     Together let’s practice the 3 c’s…. compassion, creativity and co-creation.


Christine xoxoxoxoxoxo

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