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The Bully Busters BlueprintTM Guidebook

Bust the bullies through the power of creativity, compassion, and co-creation.

An empowering and action-based guide book for parents, teachers, mental health professionals and carers of children, who have had enough and are ready, inspired, and devoted to protecting children from bullying.

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Mamma’s, Pappa’s, Grandparents, Teachers, carer - I see you. I hear you. I feel you. You are validated.

  • You can’t rid yourself of the feelings of overwhelm and guilt by the sense that you are incapable of protecting your child from their bully.
  • You feel disappointed by the school system that allows your child to be tormented every day.
  • You’re feeling frustrated by the lack of support available for your family as you struggle to overcome this darkness.
  • You are confused about why your child is being targeted and don’t know what to do to help them.
  • You feel utterly powerless as a parent, teacher, carer of children, since you can’t seem to stop your child’s suffering.
  • It is horrifying to see your child in a constant state of fear from being spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically unsafe.

This needs to stop.

It is time for you and your child to:

  • Keep yourselves safe by learning divinely guided strategies, tools, and techniques to rise above your bullying experience.
  • Trust your own voice and use your own voice so that you are heard.
  • Hold the space to honor and love yourselves deeply enough to give yourself permission to shine.
  • Step out from behind the shadow of your bully with confidence and grace.
  • Feel safe enough to be who you truly are - to align your head, heart, and hands to heal your inner child.
  • Follow the golden path and reach out for help.
  • Shine your heart light brilliantly, and with grace, so you can make the difference you came here to make.
  • Be part of a worldwide movement that provides a safe space to answer your own question… how may I serve?

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The Bully Busters Blueprint™ helps Mammas and Pappas, teachers and carers like you and your children build resilience and courage, and to reclaim your personal power. This book will teach you a signature ten-step process that provides quick, simple, and effective tools for you to understand, cope, and move beyond bullying.

About Christine

I am a Conscious Parenting Consultant on a mission to build an engaged and empowered worldwide movement of parents, teachers, and mental health professionals whose passion is to create a safer world for all children. I reach out my hand and heart to one million parents and their children who refuse to let bullying define them.

I inspire parents and children who have been abused by bullies to step back into their own light so they can tap into their own wisdom, intuition, and inner power. 

I founded The Institute of Compassionate Teaching and created the Bully Busters Blueprint™ Movement because I want every child in the world to feel safe, loved, and valued. I want your child to know that they belong and that they matter.

With 30+ years of experience as parent and teacher, and now a thought leader and advocate for conscious parenting, healing the inner child, and “inspired change,” I shine the golden path for parents and their children to move beyond being bullied. Through this nurturing movement, I teach the powerful tools of compassion, creativity, and co-creation to “bust the bullies.”

Mamma, Pappa, Teachers, carers - I see you. I hear you. You are validated.

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Christine Watts (BEd Prim)

HeartMathTM Mentor

PsychKTM Facilitator

Angel Intuitive

Crystal Singing Bowl Healer


“A creative color analogy scheme that is imaginative and richly symbolic. Her stories and paraboles are thought-provoking and rich in symbolism that can be applied to many levels of bullying and indeed to facing the ups and downs of life. It is an excellent framework and process for helping children move towards being positive, balanced, and resilient in the face of bullying.”  - Phil Brown, Homeschool father, B.A. Psychology/Sociology, DMin.

Beautiful mentorship comes once in a lifetime and Christine is that special person with intention of healing children’s inner wounds.

This book is very important at recognising not only bullying but the practical tools that are easy to use for parents who deeply care about conscious parenting. The psyche of any child and parent are affected by bullying if left unattended. This book is so important because psychologists still know very little about the phenomena of bullying and really how it traumatises and continues to traumatise. Parents willingly admit they would not really know the signs of bullying or even what to do about it. Christine’s book takes the parent and child on a beautiful and colourful journey of recognising the personality behind the child’s shadow of bullying and bringing light to the situation that aids in the healing. I love this book because it’s an easy read, simple to use, and a creative way for parents to consciously heal their children. I am always looking for a great resource to offer the parents and to my colleagues. This book is creative, colourful, intriguing, practical, and aids in true conscious parenting.

Dr Cara Tucker Clinical Psychologist

I know you feel like you’ve tried everything. You’ve read the books, you’ve spoken to the school, you’ve talked to other parents, you’ve reached out to mental health professionals.

And yet, your child is still being bullied.

Your heart is broken, and I understand why. Searching tirelessly for solutions without finding the right one is exhausting.

Mamma, Pappa, I need you to hear me.

Bullying is a worldwide epidemic, and although it can feel isolating when you are stuck in that dark place, YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Yes, you are one person, however to your child, you are their everything.

Now, it’s your turn to be their hero.

Allow yourself to imagine:

  • Feeling supported instead of frustrated, as you finally get answers that will help your child.
  • The clarity that will come when you have a framework to encourage your child to trust their own voice and use their own voice so that they are heard. 
  • Being empowered to help your child step out from behind the shadow of their bully with confidence and grace.
  • The confidence, tranquility, and peace of mind as you send your precious child to school and know in the deepest corner of your heart that they are safe.   


I am deeply committed to the healing and nurturing of the bullied families of the world. If after completing the activities of this book you and your child are still feeling lost and overwhelmed, I invite you to schedule a free call with me for additional support. Please do so by emailing me at christine@e3innovate.com.au.

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