Bully Busters BlueprintTM Survival Guide

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Start here, to bust the bully in your child’s life….

Here are six of my favourite techniques to help you and your child begin to rise beyond your experience of being bullied.

- Bully Busters BlueprintTM Manifesto  - for both you and your child to read aloud daily. (Not to be read to your bully!)  Ideally, print out the manifesto and hang it somewhere so that your whole family can see it regularly.  It is powerful in changing your bullying story.  But you have to commit to reading it daily.   This is a super powerful tool that only you and your family need to know about.  (Don’t tell the bullies……)

- Conscious Parenting Manifesto – for you to read daily – to inspire you to stand up, speak up and to keep your hand up until the system listens.  Until your child is safe and feels safe.  Once again, ideally you will print it out and have it somewhere you can easily read it, particularly in times of challenge. (You may wish to make it your screen saver.) (See file above – The courageous parent manifesto)

- 7 Secrets to Calmer Children – for you to print out and hang somewhere so that you will see it every day.  Simply seven simple reminders about how to create calm in your home and family.

- Three Steps To Busting The Bully In Your Child’s Life (pdf) - how to change your bullying story.   Three simple steps to get you started on your journey of rising beyond your experience of having a bully in your child’s life.

- Crystal Bowl Healing -  (audio file) - this five minute audio file will help you become more empowered, centred and calm so that you are able  begin your journey of rising beyond your experience of being bullied.  Both you and your child should ideally listen to it daily. (Or indeed whenever you feel you want to.)  Simply sit comfortably, place your hand on your heart and close your eyes.  Breath in through your nose and out through your mouth.  And listen. It is that simple.  Committing to this daily practice will help you gain clarity and  confidence to put your hand up and keep it up until your child is safe.

- Harp Visioning in C – A beautiful 3 minute harp visioning audio file for both you and your child to listen to, (ideally daily), to help you to build courage, resilience, compassionate strength and the courage to rise beyond your experience of being bullied.  All you need to do is sit or lay down in a comfortable way, close your eyes and breath.