Children Create The World Home Schooling Curriculum

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Children Create the World is a unique programme which empowers children to become the ‘greatest version’ of themselves. The intention of this programme is to empower and support children to create a brilliant and hope filled world, where we co-create from a place of understanding, love and unity.

THE ARTS: Elements 1 – 3

Element 1: Physical Awareness

“I AM.” I give my body everything that it needs to grow and change.
Through carefully selected arts experiences, children develop an awareness of the physical body by creating their own ‘Wise Old Tree’.
The focus of element one, Physical Awareness, is to create ‘The Wise Old Tree.’ Using delightful tempura powder paint, children paint a rainbow background. Together the teacher and children allocate the seven colours of the rainbow to an emotion/feeling or characteristic which is expressed through the rainbow paints.
For example;
• Red – strength and courage
• Orange – happiness and joy
• Yellow – hope and optimism for the future
• Green – gratitude and harmony
• Blue – expression – speaking my truth
• Indigo – imagination, creativity and wisdom
• Violet – togetherness and connectedness
In week three, the children plant bean seeds to illustrate the process of growth and change. By week eight, the beans have grown roots, a trunk and branches. The children use the plants as an inspiration for painting their own trunk, branches and roots of their wise old tree. They then cut out rainbow leaves, and paste them onto their tree.
Through experiencing the colours of the rainbow and the flowing movement of painting the ‘The Wise Old Tree’, children develop an awareness of the physical body. Children learn that just like ‘The Wise Old Tree’, their bodies need nurturing and care to grow big and strong in the world.

Element 2: I am my own best friend - Self Confidence and Self Esteem

“I AM THINKING.” I choose to think and feel positive and happy thoughts. Children reclaim and release emotions to build strength, resilience and confidence by working with mirrors and consciously chosen arts activities.
The focus of element two, I am my own best friend, is for children to discover what it is they are reflecting to the world. Children create personalised ‘inner self-reflection’ journals to use as a daily journal experience. With the use of large mirrors and powerful painting and drawing experiences, children explore the possibilities of expressing their emotions and feelings through the colours of the rainbow.
Each colour of the rainbow correlates to feelings, emotions and characteristics discussed during class...
For example;
* Red –strength and courage
* Orange – happiness and joy
* Yellow – hope and confidence
* Green – gratitude, harmony, empathy and compassion
* Blue – speaking your truth, communication, acceptance
* Indigo – imagination and creativity, forgiveness of self and others
* Violet – collaboration, working together and truth
Children explore the feelings of each colour and they express these feelings and emotions through painting, drawing and stitching. Mirror work is an empowering way for children to reclaim and release emotions to build strength, resilience and confidence.
Using beautiful, natural materials, children experience the possibilities of creating positive and heartfelt expressions to create the greatest version of themselves, to create a wonderful and brilliant future world.

Element 3: Emotional Intelligence

“I AM THINKING AND FEELING.” I care about the way I feel and I choose to feel fantastic.
Children access their emotions to tap into their personal power, energy and wisdom with the support of mindfully developed arts activities to create a board game.
The focus of element three, emotional intelligence, is to co-create a board game in order to explore and practice emotional intelligence. Each game creates a future world where people use their emotional intelligence to co-create a fantastic future world. A world where players come from a place of co-creation rather than competition. Emphasis is on sharing ideas, thoughts and feelings. Children create the rules of operation which are based on feeling and expressing love, compassion, gratitude, forgiveness and trust of ourselves and those around us. Creating and playing the game develops understanding and skills in self-awareness, (perceiving), self-regulation (expressing), internal motivation and social skills, (managing emotions and feelings in oneself and others). We give value and worth to emotional intelligence and our willingness to co-create a fabulous future with emphasis on our thoughts, words, deeds and feelings. The games illustrate that practicing emotional intelligence is a very powerful means to overcome negativity and disempowerment in the world and to create a brilliant future together!

Objectives of Element 1 - 3

Children have opportunities to:
Care about the way they feel.
Think and feel on purpose.
Express their inner creativity through the arts, sending messages of hope, love and understanding to the world through their art works.
To consciously slow down, contemplate and listen to the inner creative intelligence that lies within.
Discover the qualities of high quality natural fibres and art materials.
Experiment with the elements of colour, texture, shape and size.
Develop their creativity and explore their creative potential.
Explore and express their ideas and emotions by engaging their senses.
Communicate their thoughts and feelings.
Reflect and respond to their own and others works of art.
Create individual and collaborative art works in response to ideas.
Actively create and co-create through exploration and experimentation.
To create positive change in the world through their art works.
Discover new ideas and ways of ‘being’.