My name is Christine Watts, founder and CEO of The Institute of Compassionate Teaching.

I am a conscious parenting consultant and the creator of Bully Busters BlueprintTM (guide book), Bully Busters BlueprintTM Curriculum, and Bully Bully Busters BlueprintTM conferences.

My passion is to guide children who have suffered at the hands of a bully to:

  1. wake up to their own power
  2. stand up against their bully with confidence and grace
  3. claim back their power to rise beyond the experience of being bullied.

I am dedicated to helping parents like you:

  1. Gain clarity about how to bust the bully in your child’s life - where to start and how to finally put an end to it. For your child’s sake and the greater good of all children.
  2. Find the confidence to “speak up” for your child and to keep your hand up until your child is safe, feels safe and something is being done to change their bullying story.
  3. Get back control of your parenting so that you get the help both you and your child need and deserve to rise beyond the experience of being bullied.

These eight intelligences create deep healing on a physical, emotional, spiritual and mental level. My unique and powerful techniques and strategies open the door to profound emotional clearing and healing so that children can shine their light fearlessly in the world.

My work with parents and children brings love, compassion and deep understanding to the wounding that being bullied creates.

I am a healer.

My healing work supports parents and children to wake up, speak up and stand up to create the change in their lives that they so desperately want and need.

I help parents and children heal deeply from the wounds of being bullied so that they no longer need to suffer at the hands of their bully.

Through the power of compassion, creativity and co-creation, I guide children to claim back their birth right of being valued, loved and belonging. I teach our precious children how to feel happier, confident and to keep themselves safe.  I teach children how to own their own space so that bullies can no longer command power over them.

I help you as a parent to find the strength and courage to guide your child to bust their bully.

My work is of a high frequency.

I shine light on the plague that is bullying, and I help children and parents to heal from it.

So that children can claim back their inherent power.

So that they can rise up and create the change in the world that they were born to.

So that they can rise beyond the experience of being bullied and fulfil their agreement of what it is they came here to do.

So that they can create the change the world so desperately needs.

I have recently become a Grandmama.

My passion to change the story of bullying in the world is now even stronger.

I vision a world without bullies. So the world is a safe place to “be” for all children.

I invite you to join me.

Join the Bully Busters BlueprintTM Movement.


Christine Watts
BEd – Primary
30+ years as a leading teacher and parent
HeartMathTM Mentor
PsychKTM Facilitator
Angel Intutitve
Crystal Singing Bowl Healer