The Harmonic Heart Healer Goddess Activation

Welcome to your Right of Passage divine activation.

I invite you to download this activation, and ideally, listen to it daily. Each time you experience the high vibrations and frequencies encoded within this blueprint, you will be downloading, activating, and empowering your unique light keys and codes, which hold the frequencies to up-level your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual experiences of this life. You will be inviting in high-vibe and inspiring opportunities, synchronicities, abundance, and the freedom you are seeking.   The more you listen to it, the more you will see AH-mazing change and transformation in your life, your family and the world!

AND….. your heart will sing like never before! After all, that is why we are here ladies…… activating and living from our heart-centre so that we may be of greatest service to ourselves, our families, communities and those who seek to join us in our unique creations.

I trust you are delighted and inspired as you step into your Harmonic Heart Healer journey with ease, grace and power.

Christine xoxoxo

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