• Together we rise beyond bullying

    Together we rise beyond bullying

  • The light at the end of the tunnel

    The light at the end of the tunnel

  • Rising beyond your child’s bully begins with you

    Rising beyond your child’s bully begins with you

  • Connection


  • No place here for bullies

    No place here for bullies

Hi there!

My name is Christine Watts. I am a Conscious Parenting Consultant, specialising in “Bullying”, “Conscious Parenting” and “Healing The Inner Child”.

As the founder and CEO of Institute of Compassionate Teaching, I am the creator of Bully Busters BlueprintTM Guidebook, Curriculum and Conferences.

I guide children who have suffered at the hands of a bully, back to themselves, so that they:

  1. Wake up to their own power
  2. Stand up to their bully with compassionate strength, creativity and co-creation
  3. Claim back their inherent power to bust their bully, once and for all

As a leading teacher, thought leader and advocate for inspired change, I help parents:

  1. Get clarity to know where to start busting the bully in their child’s life
  2. Get the confidence to stand up, speak up and keep their hand up until their child is safe
  3. Get back control

When I was in my early thirties, with three young children, I decided that I didn’t want to be a teacher anymore, giving the very best of myself to other peoples’ children. I didn’t enjoy dropping my girls off to school because I felt that the system that was meant to nurture my girls and keep them safe, was not doing so.

That’s when my husband and I began sailing on the high seas and home- schooling our precious children. (Such an amazing experience. One that will stay with us forever!)

Just in case you are wondering, home-schooling was a wonderful experience. Our girls had so many amazing experiences that they would not have had in “the system.”  

Although at the time I did not know it, I was desperately seeking a new and inspired way to educate our children.

Being with my husband and our three girls on the adventure of our lifetimes, transformed our lives on so many levels.

The parenting wisdom that I tapped into, helped us guide our girls to becoming the empowered and beautiful women that they have become. Some of my biggest inspirations to parent with compassion, creativity and co-creation stemmed from a deeper and more aligned connection to my one of a kind husband, my beautiful and empowered daughters, Mother Nature, and most importantly, to myself.

In essence, and in hindsight, it all started with me. As the Goddess of the family, as the Queen of Motherhood, and as the Divine Soul that I am, I chose to do the tough work on myself.

To look at the hard bits and pieces of parenting, and sometimes facing them head on, other times, taking the gentler side road.

I chose to learn alongside my family the truth that each of us has the opportunity to grow and evolve.

Every single day.

And that when we, as divine  Queens,  do the work on ourselves, everyone in the family benefits, ten-fold.

By connecting and aligning with my own inner wisdom, I created, learnt and practiced a new paradigm of parenting.

I call it Conscious Parenting.

One of the most important things I’ve learned, is that every parent has their own unique and powerful parenting wisdom that lies within, just waiting to be seen, nurtured and developed.

Parents simply need to learn how to tap into it so they can parent with compassion, creativity and co-creation.

Our home-schooling and nautical adventures ignited the parenting power within me.

The reason I am so passionate about my work is because parents are telling me that the old system is not working.  They are looking for their own new paradigm of parenting: and it lies within them, just waiting to be freed.

I know in my heart that the most powerful way I can help create positive change in the lives of children worldwide, is by teaching these parents how to nurture and grow their own inherent parenting wisdom.  Parents who have the infinite potential to change the lives of their own children, children in their schools, their communities and worldwide, through their compassion, creativity and co-creation.

Perhaps you haven’t felt the deep moment of truth that I did. But no doubt, at some stage in your parenting life, you’ve probably felt confused and frustrated. And totally powerless against the systems that are meant to nurture, empower and protect your children.

Even if it was fleeting, you’ve surely caught yourself thinking, “There has to be a better way.”

And I am here to tell you…….

There is a better way.

I can show you the way.

As you begin to transform your own life, the lives of your children, and to connect and align with many, many other parents in this movement of Mums and Dads who are learning to parent more consciously, you will be sharing in our collective dreams and visions to create a brilliant and safe world for all children.

I invite you to take the first step in busting the bully in your child’s life and in your life.

Reach out, get the support you both deserve, and rise to the place where you both claim, own and use your own power.

The place where you both dare to live your lives in the brilliant light of love, rather than in the darkness, behind the shadows of bullies, and a place of fear.

Here’s to creating a safer world for all children.

With infinite love and gratidute,
Christine Watts
BEd – (Primary) (30+ years of experience as a leading teacher and parent)
PsychKTM Facilitator
HeartMathTM Mentor
Angel Intuitive
Crystal Singing Bowl Healer

What is the Bully Busters BlueprintTM movement?

The Bully Busters BlueprintTM movement is a worldwide collective of men, women and children who have said “ENOUGH” to bullying, in all of its forms.  Parents, teachers, principals, mental health care professionals, grandparents, in fact anyone who has decided to stand up, speak up and keep their hand up until every child in the world feels safe, is safe.  Until every child can step out from behind the shadows of their bully knowing that someone is there to help them.