Tuesday, 06 August 2019 12:02

How to keep your children safer by claiming and owning your own your power.

Meaning: (as seen on vocabulary.com)

1.      possession of the qualities (especially mental qualities) required to do something or get something done

2.      possession of controlling influence

Is the word POWER a positive word in your vocabulary?

Or is it a word that makes you shrink inside?

Was power wielded over you as a child?

Were you taught that to be powerful is a bad thing?

Do you own your power?

Do you want to own your power?

I invite you to consider that power can be a wonderful thing. (Particularly when this power is accessed through your heart intelligence).

I invite you to consider that each of us has a force within us that has the capacity to make a positive and uplifting difference in the world.  An energy that when we learn to tap into it, and use it regularly, can turn the darkness into light and fear into love.

We need to teach our children to tap into their own power when, where and how they choose.  It is vital for their own safety, and for the greatest good, that our children  understand that no-one can take their power away from them.  That we can protect our power and increase our inner battery, or power, by using simple techniques that are scientifically proven.

I believe that not only should we teach our children how to own, claim and use their own power, we firstly need to learn and regularly practice them ourselves.  We need to show them, by doing it ourselves, by living this as our own truth.

For as Xavier Rudd sings,

“Children grow with what they see.”