Thursday, 31 January 2019 15:05

I was only 19

My heart was filled with a passion for teaching.

     A passion for becoming an inspired and inspiring primary teacher that made a difference in the lives of children and their families. And whilst I was not entirely clear on how I would do that, (other than teaching in a classroom), I was crystal clear that children made my heart sing. That I had come to this life to touch the hearts of children and inspire them to be “the greatest version of themselves”, (Neale Donald Walsch coins this phrase often.)

     Although I was technically an adult at 19, and felt I knew much about a lot, (looking back I knew very little about anything), I was not able to articulate what lay in my heart, the way that I am able to now.

     At the grand age of 19, I knew in my heart that somehow children would be a big part of my life.  I was almost finished my teaching degree and I was filled with a burning desire to just “get out there” and change the world for children.

     My first few years of teaching were simply brilliant and joyous. Each day was so much fun. And yet after a while, I began to see the cracks in the system and the loop holes they did not tell us about at uni.  Gradually I became frustrated with the “system”. Teaching in a main-stream system where I no longer felt I could make the difference I longed for, made me feel sick.  Literally.

     My sense of fulfillment had diminished and my “cup of teaching” was no longer overflowing.

     Looking back, the simple answer to the way I felt, was that my time in schools was nearly over.  Looking back, that should have been okay. (With hindsight, it certainly was.) Looking back, I wish I had known what I know now. 

     If only I understood that all things grow and change, and that each part of our lives is a stepping stone to the next exciting chapter. I spent far too long being angry at “the system” and trying to change “the system”.

     Once I began to understand that I could make a greater impact honouring who I truly was and finding out the content of my next stepping stone, everything changed.

     With time, deeper learning about less and the benefit of experience, I now truly understand that “children really do create a brilliant world.” And I now know that my true purpose in the world for the remainder of my time on this wondrous planet is to make the world a better and safer place for children. My next stepping stone shines brightly, courageously and with love.

     Now I know a lot about a little, and not much about a lot. And that feels fantastic!!

     And now, my passion for children runs even deeper within the river of life. I know I will be a grandmother one day.  My heart sings and leaps with absolute joy and infinite love even thinking about the prospect of holding a precious baby that is my grandchild. To look deeply into his or her eyes and say, “I’m here for you.  The world is a wonderful place to be.”

     My determination and desire to make the world a better place for children to grow up and “be” is now even more urgent. Because I know that, one day, I will be a Grandmamma.  My work is even more important to me now.

     That is why I work with families who have experienced bullying.  It is the next stepping stone in my life.  The next exciting chapter.

     Through my work of service, I am making an even greater difference in the world.  And for the rest of my summers, winters, autumns and springs, I devote my life to making the world a better and safer place for kids. 

     I devote my life to building a movement of conscious parents who wish to bust their own bully. So that they can empower their child to bust theirs.

     I devote my life to bringing together a powerful group of parents who wish to “do parenting” differently. Conscious parents.

     I devote my life to helping keep kids safe. Full stop.

     I devote my life to empowering every miraculous child to stand up to their bully. From a place of love.

     I devote my life to empowering children to shine their light in the world brilliantly and unapologetically. So that they can each be who they truly are without fear, without judgement and with love.

     I devote my life to “holding the space” for children and their parents to heal their inner child.

     I devote my life to being “the gate keeper” to a new way of rising beyond bullying.

     I would love you to share this article with anyone you feel may benefit from reading these words. Thank you.

Here’s to healing many, many hearts. Together. One child at a time. ?

With infinite love and gratitude,