Tuesday, 07 April 2020 15:05

When we get to the heart of things

The times, they are certainly changing.

And exceptionally fast.

Although, I guess that all depends on your how you are perceiving the current challenge we are all facing. The corona virus pandemic. EEEEEKKK!

Some of us are wallowing in the victim hood of “this is the worst thing that could happen in this time in history.” Some of us “knew” that there was something big coming. And yet some of us were already “awakened” to the new opportunities that await those who dare to seek them.

For those of us seeking solutions to the many challenges we face at this time, we are still feeling the enormity of it all. Still feel, at times, powerlessness, overwhelm, fear, anxiety and down, right scared. Yet, we are committed to getting to the other side with as much ease, grace and love that we can muster.

Upon pondering this unique time in history, my take on it all, is that something is speaking to us. Something very powerful, all encompassing and formidable. The main challenge or opportunity, whichever way you choose to perceive it, is how to tap into this wisdom – how to see, hear, feel, know, touch and embody this insight.

I believe that this is an amazing opportunity for each of us to seek the wisdom that lies within, work out how to tap into it and then use this information to create a much better, safer, kinder, compassionate and hope filled world. For the greater good.

Connection is the key. Connection on a very deep and meaningful level.
Connection to yourself.
Connection to your family.
Connection to your community.
Connection to your country.
Connection to the global community.
All without too much physical, in person connection.

Now is the time to learn, nurture, grow, feel and embody three possibilities in life.
1. Compassion.
2. Creativity.
3. Co-creation.

Each of these possibilities involves tapping into an organ, right in the centre of your chest. An organ that science is beginning to understand holds more insight, wisdom and possibilities that anyone ever imagined.

Your heart.
Heart Intelligence.

My wish for the world is that we all choose to turn the key that switches on our heart intelligence, so that together we move beyond this thing known as COVID19.

More on how to do this next week.


Christine xoxoxoxoxo