Tuesday, 13 August 2019 14:03

Does the biggest bully in the world lie within YOU?

I believe that within each of us, (well let’s say 98% of us), lies the biggest bully in the world.

Does the biggest bully in the world reside within you?

I’ll let you decide….

Most of us are brought up to be supercritical of ourselves, overly concerned about what others think of our physical appearance and of who we are. We are often taught to dim our light.

We are often taught to focus on the negatives, rather than the positives.

Somehow, most of us come out of our childhood believing one, two or three of the following statements:

1.     I am unlovable

2.     I am unworthy

3.     I am not good enough

These three statements can be the basis for our belief system, our thoughts, our actions and therefore our reality.

If this is not you, I am thrilled.  Simply because we need many, many people in the world to come from a place of love and compassion for self and others.  We need millions of us to take a look inside of ourselves and honestly check whether these three statements are the foundation for our lives.

Then we will create some amazing change and transformation for the world.

Science reveals that our beliefs create about 95% of our thoughts. (Subconscious thoughts that is….) the ones that we barely even know are happening, and that run on autopilot. The ones that run our lives and that we collected from our time in the womb and the first seven years of our lives.

If we are lucky, 1-5% of our thoughts are in the conscious creation mode, where we are living from ease, grace and creativity.  The place where we allow inspired thought to wander. We can tap into our conscious mind whenever we choose to, once we have learned how to.  Then we have a good shot at changing our reality. We can swap the life we are living on autopilot, for one that gives us some input into what happens in our life.

A big and bold statement, granted.

Science also indicates we can change our beliefs. 

That is why I do what I do.  I believe we can help children and adults change their experience of the world.  We can help them come out from behind the shadows of bullies and turn the three beliefs:

·       I am unlovable

·       I am unworthy

·       I am not good enough


·       I love who I am and what I do in the world

·       I am equally as worthy as anyone else to feel safe, loved and valued.

·       I am more than good enough to take my place in the world where I belong.

As a HeartMathTM Mentor and PsychKTM facilitator, I teach people how to train themselves to get out of their subsconscious mind, and into their conscious mind, so that they can consciously create the life that they truly desire.

So that they can tame the bully that lies within, and teach their children, grandchildren, students, clients, how to do the same.

It starts with adults.  Then we can each teach children.

We can change our physiology, (what is happening in our bodies), our beliefs and our experience of being in the world, simply by tapping into an intelligence that is only just coming to the light.  It is easy to use, is free and extremely powerful.

It is called Heart Intelligence.

Here’s to a safer world for all children.

And all adults too.