Tuesday, 14 April 2020 08:35

The power of “Unconditional Trust” during turbulent times.

Together, we can
Reconnect, so that we
Understand our true power, and
Surrender our fear to the
Truth of Universal love and compassion.

Turbulent and tumultuous times, such as we are experiencing at present, can send many of us into feelings of overwhelm, anxiety, stress and fear.

When things are not going our way, the way we want them to, the way we planned or think they should, we can jump into what is known as “fight or flight”, where our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies automatically switch on to ancient links in our bodies to “danger, danger, danger.”

When we flick on the switch to fight or flight, we lose control of our capacity to respond to a situation, event or challenge in an informed and enlightened way. We instead, react from inbuilt and hardwired neural pathways that are designed to keep us safe. For short periods of time, flight or fight can be a life saver. The problem, however, is that unlike animals, we keep the switch on for much longer than we need to and our whole system is stuck in a system of high energy use, high alert and high heart rate. This is clearly not great for long term living. Yet, when we learn how, we can turn the fight or flight switch off and step into a state of Unconditional Trust. A state of ease, grace and peace.

During childhood and through generational patterns and belief systems, we have generally been taught to fear change and to feel powerless and hopeless, in a meagre attempt to get through dreadful times, the best way we can. Every man, woman and child should fend for themselves, should hunker down
until the sun comes out again and we are told that everything will be alright in the long run.

We are told that the “powers that be” have it all under control, and if we do what we are told to do, life will return to normal soon enough.

However, the times are definitely ‘a changin’.

Some people are wondering if life will, in-fact, return to anything that looks like normal, or how things used to be.

Some people are seeing the brighter side of our current collective challenges and seeking solutions, rather than sitting in constant fear, overwhelm, anxiety and stress.

Simply because they know that there is another way. They know that wallowing in the fear, guilt, shame, powerlessness and overwhelm of this current situation simply doesn’t change anything for the better. These people know in their hearts that together we can rise above and beyond the collective fear and anger that has the potential to take us out as humanity.

When we seek solutions, in whatever form, it is simply an opportunity to see things differently, to see with an open heart, an open mind and a childlike sense of curiosity.

Perhaps now is the time to see things differently and to seek solutions that are collectively beneficial, for the greatest good and from the most powerful form of sight that there is.

Through the eyes of love.
Through the infinite power of heart-felt communication.
Through nurturing, feeling and growing compassion, each, and every day.
Through a courage and fearlessness that comes from deep within each one us, to reach out for a new way of being.
Through our inherent sense of creativity and imagination so that we tap into divine inspiration and receive the answers that serve us all.
Through practicing and nurturing Unconditional Trust, we can feel more at peace, less fearful and supported.
Together, let’s learn what Unconditional Trust means.
Together let’s practice Unconditional Trust.
Together, let’s allow the solutions to become clear.