Monday, 07 January 2019 15:27

Dear dear friend

To my dear friend,

Thank you.

Thank you for being in this world.

Thank you for shining your light.  For shining your light for those around you, for showing us that there is hope, for showing us that there still is goodness and love in the world.

Amidst the fear, anger, doubt, hopelessness and overwhelm that is ever present, your heart-light serves as a beacon that helps us all to wake up each day and feel that there is a reason to continue. A reason to stand up for what is important to us, a reason to stand up for the voiceless, the down trodden and The Earth, on which our very survival depends.

Dear, dear friend, please know that your kindness, compassion and constant nurturing of those around you is noticed, is valued and is so very important.  The world is a much greater place because you choose to make life more bearable and happier for those you support and hold the space for.

Once again gorgeous Goddess, I see you.  I see your light shining brilliantly for others. We are blessed by your presence in the world.

And yet, my friend, I have noticed recently that your light that shines within for you, has dimmed a little, and your energy and life force is not so strong, as strong as it usually is.

I am here, my dear.  I am here for you.

I see that so much of your time and energy is devoted to others, and that there is very little left to nurture your own soul. I see your willingness to serve and to give and to love at the expense of your own inner strength and well-being. I see you. I see you.

I hear your silent calls for someone to take your hand and sit with you.  Quietly, gently and without expectation.  Without expectation of receiving anything from you. And I see your continued willingness to listen to the plight of others, their pain and their suffering, although you too hold great pain within your heart.   I hear your pain, your suffering and your call. I hear you, and with your permission, “l sit” with you quietly, with no expectations, I am simply filled with gratitude for all that you are.

I feel the depth of your pain, although you hide it well. I hold the space for you my friend, for you to begin to heal your pain and to move beyond it to the greatness that is you.  I feel you.

I know there has been great suffering in your life and that you keep it safely locked away in the compartment you call “the too hard basket.” I know that with each passing day, the basket is overflowing with the pain of others, and that you hold their pain in a valiant attempt to help them heal. I know it is time. As you do.

I am touched by your willingness to be the Queen that many reach-out to when times are tough. I reach my hand out to you to offer the kindness, support and love that you so willingly bless others with.  Please take my hand.

I am so very grateful that the light and greatness within you reflects the light and greatness within me. You are a constant reminder that within each one of us is a beauty, a greatness and a love that heals all wounds.

And so, there is only so long one can do this self-sacrifice thing my dear, before the well within is completely dried up, with little or no replenishment of the liquid of life. Before you can no longer nurture those around you, or yourself.

It is time for you to place yourself on the top of your “to-do” list.

Right here. 

The rest of the list can now take its place once you have replenished your own well of wisdom.  Your own lantern of love and your own cup of compassion. For by loving yourself enough to “do you” first, the rest of the world shines more brightly.  When you take care of yourself first, physically, mentally, spiritually and lovingly, the rest of the world understands how important it is to nurture themselves fully, each day. And then they may shine their light brilliantly and with a grace.

This willingness to nurture yourself fully and unapologetically, allows you to bring your gifts, jewels and gems effortlessly to the world, to be of greatest service and to live from a place of love.

But you already know this.  Because it is what you suggest that others do for themselves. ?

Perhaps it is time to “do you”.

I’m here with you my gorgeous friend.

Let’s “do me”, together.  Without judgement, fear or blame.

Let’s “do me” - with creativity, compassion and co-creation.


With infinite love and gratitude,