Rainbow Wellness Journal

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The Rainbow Wellness Journal compliments Chapter 5 in my book Bully Busters BlueprintTM Guidebook.  Chapter 5 discusses the importance of learning and practicing communication intelligence.  Regular journaling does just that for both children and adults – it improves communication, expression and confidence in “being” in the world. The colors  of the rainbow in The Rainbow Wellness Journal aligns with each chapter in Bully Busters BlueprintTM Guidebook and is the perfect way to practice techniques, tools and strategies outlined in the book.

A beautiful and inspiring journal in which to write, draw and express yourselves. For both children and parents. It creates a feeling of comfort and peace, a bit like the heart and ear of a special friend. The Rainbow Journal is somewhere to find and tap into your compassionate strength, happiness, self-confidence, love, gratitude, self-expression, imagination and co-creation muscles.

The intention of The Rainbow Journal is for it to be uplifting, inspiring and filled with positivity. We simply write, record and draw things of a positive nature so that we are surrounded by encouraging and optimistic entries in the journal.   Each chapter of Bully Busters BlueprintTM holds keys to rising beyond your child’s bully, which you can then practice in the journal.


* Use a pencil or crayon that is beautiful, that gives you a feeling of softness and glides gently onto the page (no pens or textas for children please).

*  Choose a colour – a colour of the rainbow. (No iridescent and bold colors as they tend  to be distracting.)

*  Make a promise to yourself that you will enter only positive, uplifting and great ‘feeling’ words  and pictures.

*  Make a commitment to making journal entries regularly, daily is ideal! (When we journal regularly, we set up an environment for effective and clear communication with our ‘inner guidance system’.)  This is a commitment to ourselves for ‘self-care’ – a great example for our children!  > Journal in a quiet, calm and peaceful environment and at a regular time of the day, if possible.

* To begin, close your eyes; place your hand on your heart and breathe in and out deeply through your nose (five rhythms of breathing will place you in a lovely space for writing and drawing).

* Using your imagination, ask your pen this question: What would you like me to know today? (Yes, ask your pen! Sounds goofy, yet it works!)* > * Allow words, pictures and ‘doodling’s’ to speak through your pen/pencil/crayon and the colour you are working with. Practice acknowledging any entries without judgement, blame or criticism (in this way you allow your creativity and imagination to ‘speak’ with more courage and strength). Remember to re-read your entries and to ‘feel’ the words  and pictures.

* Treat your journal and pen/pencil/crayon with reverence and respect – store it somewhere safely.

* Please remember, there is no ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ in journaling. You will develop your own style as you practice and gain confidence. I trust that my Rainbow Journal will bring you much comfort, wisdom and joy.

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