Monday, 26 November 2018 14:24

How “The Three C’s” can help you to shift your perspective and build your personal strengths.

Science now reveals how tapping into your inner wisdom helps you shift from your current and potentially harmful perspective to an inspired, creative and powerful one. Studies disclose that you can build your personal strengths by tapping into the “invisible wisdom within.”

It starts in your heart.

It’s such a simple process. Simply practice “The Three C’s”.

  1. Compassion – “Is the wish for another being to be free from suffering” - The Dalhai Lama.  Practicing compassion for others, animals and indeed yourself, builds personal strengths in a powerful way. Your intention to free others and yourself from suffering, opens the doorway to the understanding that “I am human, and I make mistakes.”  We can then choose to make resilience, (an important personal strength), an everyday part of who we are.
  2. Creativity – “Creativity is intelligence having fun.”  Albert Einstein. Creativity fuels and expands your belief that anything is possible and helps you to shift that “tired” perspective from which you may currently exist. Surround yourself by inspiring and uplifting people and spend time in nature.  You will notice your perspective shift to a more positive and uplifting one.
  3. Co-creation – helps you to connect, align and thrive. (Gaia Guardians Environment Trust.) In order to co-create, you need to practice techniques that assist you to find your life’s purpose and to seek the courage to live it. The inspiration you feel then fuels your desire to “be the greatest version of who you are.”  Neale Donald Walsch.

We each create our own lives with every breath we take, every thought we think, every feeling we experience.  And each word we speak also develops and creates our personal strengths and the perspective from which we live.

It’s a choice. You can choose to focus on your weaknesses from a place of fear, and then your “garden of life” will be filled with struggle, comparison and unrest. Or you can choose to fertilise and cultivate your “forest of life” with compassion, creativity and co-creation so that you can make the greatest difference that you came here to make. To share your unique and inspiring personal strengths with the world.

Will you choose to build your personal strengths from an outdated perspective that you learned whilst growing up? Or will you make the choice to nurture and grow your personal strengths from a place of compassion, creativity and co-creation?

I invite you to join the movement.

It’s simply a paradigm shift.